DLK Studios Corp.

Toronto, Canada

DLK Studios Corp. is a Canadian indie video game development company located in the flourishing city of Toronto. Being situated in Toronto positions DLK Studios in one of the fastest growing video game development scenes in North America.

The company was founded by Aleksandar Kuzmanovic and Alexander Duarte Laudon in June 2014 to serve one purpose, to develop player-focused quality PC games. As gamers we believe that every game should be special, and creating something special takes time. With quality in mind, we strive to continually expand our capabilities and take the necessary time and effort to produce games and products that we are proud of.

The company primarily focuses on developing games in the Trading Card Game (TCG) and Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) genres, for the PC platform. The creation of DLK Studios was primarily inspired by the present state of the TCG MMORPG game industry. We believe that modern digital TCGs have not utilized the full potential that the digital medium offers over conventional physical TCGs. Our years of playing games in the TCG and MMORPG genres have given us a fundamenal understanding of game mechanics which allows us to develop excellent digital TCG MMORPG games that cater to this very specific gamer population.

Aleksandar Kuzmanovic

Aleksandar Kuzmanovic

President / Creative Director

Aleksandar Kuzmanovic is responsible for the 3D modelling and creative aspects of game development at DLK Studios.

Aleksandar has always been passionate about video games, especially those in the role-playing and trading card genres. Ever since Aleksandar played his first game of Magic the Gathering, he has always dreamed of creating his own trading card game. Following the completion of his Master's in engineering and working some time in the industry, Aleksandar finally decided to pursue this dream.

In his spare time, Aleksandar enjoys playing water polo, tennis, video games and 3D modelling.

Alexander Duarte Laudon

Alexander Duarte Laudon

President / Technical Director

Alexander Duarte Laudon is responsible for the programming and technical aspects of game development at DLK Studios.

From a young age Alexander has been involved with computers, whether it was starting an online radio station, programming, or collaborating with friends in making films and video editing. The most prominent of his interests however has always been gaming and game development. His gaming interests usually revolved around strategy, role-playing, and trading card games. After completing his Master’s in engineering and working some time in software development, Alexander decided to pursue his ambition and return to developing interesting and novel computer games.

Alexander enjoys the great outdoors, especially hiking, rock climbing and sailing.




TerraForge is the first title being developed by the DLK Studios team.

TerraForge is a unique digital trading card game that combines MMORPG elements with traditional TCG mechanics. In TerraForge you will play as an Avatar, an icon of worship for the many creatures inhabitting the realm.

As you play the game, you will gather experience, allowing your Avatar to level up and unlock powerful abilities which can be used to aid you in battle. This allows for an interesting dynamic where players will not only need to hone their deck building skills but also master their Avatar's innate abilities.

In addition to typical TCG features, TerraForge will allow players to team up with their comrades in order to face off against powerful raid bosses. Raid bosses will be designed to challenge a player's wit, deck building skills, and capacity to work with their team. If players can successfully overcome the raid boss challenges, they will be rewarded.

To top everything off, TerraForge will be completely free to play!


TerraForge Greenlight Launched!

September 29, 2014

It is official!

TerraForge, the MMORPG TCG currently being developed by the DLK Studios team has made its way onto Steam Greenlight!

We have been working on the TerraForge project for just shy of a year now, putting in all of our resources and many sleepless nights in order to get it to the state its in today. Without the proper exposure and attention this game will not come to fruitition.

So please, check out the TerraForge Greenlight page, vote us up, and help make this game a reality!

DLK Studios - Confirmed Spot at FanExpo Canada

July 24, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is official! DLK Studios will be presenting a demonstration of our upcoming MMORPG TCG, TerraForge, at this years FanExpo Canada!

FanExpo Canada caters to a crowd of roughly one-hundred thousand people every year! It is Canada's biggest Video Game and Comic Book convention! Needless to say we are extremely excited to be presenting our project at this grandeur event!

We're now off to our secret cave to prepare!